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The following posting was prepared by the founder of the Yiddish Theatre and Vaudeville Research Group:.

I have permission >from David Mazower to post the below on YTandV; it has been slightly redacted to align it with YTandV's goals and it is now "plain text" as required by JewishGen. To ensure that those doing research in YTandV know to keep checking what YBC (formerly the National Yiddish Book Center) has to offer, both online and in person. Reminder to those new to genealogy: staff at institutions won't be able to do your research for you.

To quote >from the posting " ... Amid a huge trove of Yiddish theater ... song sheets ...". For those new to genealogy, song sheets and other memorabilia >from Yiddish theaters have names and dates.

Obviously, YBC is a major source of information for those seeking genealogical information for family >from the Yiddish theater world. This is a source worth checking regularly since as the example below shows, new findings are uncovered often.

While I have been a donor every year to this non-profit since its incorporation in 1980, I have no other connection. I receive the online notices as a donor.

Wishing all to whom it applies a Good Shabbos in advance,

Taibel bas Rachel Leah v'Shlomo Yehoshua

AKA Jonina Duker <>

Founder of the YTandV Research Group

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