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Shalom Khaverim: <italic>CZENSTOCHOV: Our Legacy </italic>is available
from the Judaica Collections at the Florida Atlantic University
Library. We have numerous brand new copies of this Yizkor Bukh which
was edited, translated to English, and published in 1993, by Harry
Klein. This Yizkor Bukh contains a 360 page English section and a 117
page Yiddush section. Co-Editor was Ruth Klein Tatner and Consulting
Editor was Prof.: Menachem Rotstein.

"Czenstochova is located approximately 125 miles southwest of Warsaw;
the shrine of Jasna Gora Madonna in Czenstochova was celebrated as a
center of Catholic pilgrimage. Seventy-five Jewish residents were
recorded in Czenstochova in 1765 and 495 in 1808, when an organized
community was established. Although Jewish residence was prohibited in
certain districts, the Jewish population grew.... and in 1863, with the
abolition of the Jewish quarter, to 3,360 [37.3%]. By 1900, it numbered
11, 764....and in 1939,


" The German Army entered the city on 3 September 1939. The next day,
later called 'Bloody Monday", a pogrom was organized in which a few
hundred Jews were murdered." ".... When a greater number of Jews from
other parts of western Poland came in 1940-41, the city's population
grew by several thousands. On 9 April 1941, a ghetto was
established.... On 23 September a large-scale 'aktion' began. By 5
October, about 39,000 people had been deported to Treblinka and
exterminated [sic], while 2,000 were executed on the spot."

This Yizkor Bukh is bound in hard-cover and printed in 12-point type.
It contains several photos and maps. If you are interested in barter,
exchange, or trade, please contact:

Judaica Librarian Elliot Gertel <<> or 561/297-3990.


VITEBSK Guberniya: Usvyaty=Uzhvit, Velizh=Veliz, Surazh=Suraz, Borisov,
Velikiye-Luki, Nevel, Kopreva, Vitebsk shtodt, Berezhukha;

VOLHYN Guberniya: Portisk=Poryck=Pavlovka, Lutzk=Luck,
Gorokhov=Horochow=Horchiv, Lokatchi=Lokache, Ludmir=Vladimir,
Swiniuchii=Sviynokh, Shklin, Brody, Torchin, Tur'ysk=Trisk,
Rovno=Riwni, Kovel=Kovla, Kupichov, Ozeriany;

Hal MAGGIED, PhD AICP Ohio State Alumnus <<>


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