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Time for another update. This one is a bit late because of the JG server

Despite summer vacations after the L.A. Seminar and insufficient htmlers to
process all the documents that were submitted >from June-August, we have put
some very extraordinary material on the Yizkor Book web site in August.
And the pipe line is very long, indeed, meaning that you will be treated to
a significant increase in yizkor documents online in the next few months.
You can now find the following recent additions:

*More material on Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine has been added. See it under
ARIM and Lists of Victims. Susannah Juni has created a beautiful web page
for the Hebrew tables of contents and Martin Kessel constructed a
handsome, easy to read format for the Lists of Victims culled >from the
Russian Commission which investigated war crimes.

*Sczuczyn, Poland: translation of the Yiddish part of HURBAN KEHILAT
SZCUCZYN. This translation, made many years ago, was in a typed
manuscript. Dr. Stone wished it to be on the yizkor book web site, but
until a friend came along to scan it and edit the names, this was an
impossibility. See this magnificent donation to our site. In addition,
the head of the landsmanschaft was so delighted that people were interested
in what happened to his shtetl that he contributed his own history of the
shtetl to our web site.

*Transnistra, Ukraine: reminiscences by Mendel Halpern. Now 88 years old,
Mendel Halpern wrote two stories in German about his life during the
Holocaust which his daughter translated and donated to us. We think you
will find these stories and his daughter's introduction very moving.

In a few weeks you will also see material--now in the html queue--on
Kybarti, Bobruisk, Gorodenka (Horodenka), Obertyn, Deliatyn, Berezhany,
Siemiatycze, Kozienice, Sadagura, and Dabrowa-Gornicza. We also have some
interesting database materials that are awaiting special treatment by the
database team. In fact, there is so much fascinating material coming in
that we anticipate an exceedingly busy fall and winter.

We have been receiving many compliments on the Translation Project. The
long manuscript on Popervale, for example, has elicited interest >from the
Latvia SIG. Compliments on SCZUCZYN and TRANSISTRA have already come in.
We do love to hear >from our readers, so keep the comments rolling in.

In order to process all the material in the pipe line, we published a
request a few weeks ago for volunteers to help us create web pages. The
response was so overwhelming that an online course has been designed to
train a cadre of volunteers to help the Yizkor Book Project, Shtetlinks,
and JewishGen. Watch for the announcement after Labor Day.

Also, on our web site we have a completely revised information packet
called PROCESS FOR DONATING TRANSLATIONS, which can be downloaded or
printed >from the web site. Please take the time to read this material
which explains the process in an easy to understand format.

After Labor Day an announcement will be made on the implementation of a
new procedure for funding translations. Look for it. We are going to make
it easy for you to donate funds to the Yizkor Book Project to translate
yizkor books.

Joyce Field
Translations Manager
Yizkor Book Project

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