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To the Yizkor Book Project:

JewishGen's Yizkor Book Project is pleased to announce a new database of
victims of the Shoah >from Nuremberg, Germany. Numerous organizations and
people cooperated on this project. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
assisted the Nuremberg City Archives in preparing the "Memorial Book for
Nuremberg's Victims of Shoah" to be published in November 1998, and then
recommended that the database be placed on the JewishGen site.

For his recognition of JewishGen we thank Peter Lande of the Holocaust
Museum. His ironic sense of humor, integrity, breadth of knowledge, and
unselfish gift of sharing his knowledge always make it a joy to work with
him. Michael Tobias created the search engine: I don't know how we can
ever say enough about his talents. My thanks to Martin Kessel, who handled
all the technical details with his usual creative flair and style and
humor. Finally, Mr. Gerhard Jochem of the Nuremberg Archives deserves
special acknowledgment for spearheading this project and for writing a
lucid and detailed overview of Jewish history in Nuremberg. This brilliant
Introduction should be mandatory reading for all of us involved in
Holocaust studies.

Nuremberg played a critical role at both the beginning and end of the
Holocaust. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of their citizenship
and civil rights. Beginning in 1945, the Nuremberg Trials brought the
perpetrators of Nazi war crimes to justice. We find it touching that the
City of Nuremberg has seen fit to commemorate its victims by publishing
this book and by making this material available on JewishGen.

Joyce Field
Translations Manager
Yizkor Book Project

Joyce Field

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