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RECeived your lettter. But , must one go down to the uSA to Washington to see
a book of memory yizkor?
Can some other ways be found to have people read books?
I know there are listings on the Jewish gen but as an example I wrote everyone
on the list of shops about ten diferent books and no one had one for sale.
I wrote others that might exchange and got only one reply about a book for
Prettyty expensive for anyone except the rich . especailly for people that
don't even know what is in the book and if they would buy it.
The translation work going on is great, but I wish the translators would know
something about Judaism as well, since the few translations have a number of
bad mistakes.
Additionally, in my humble opinion, the bias against the religious Jews that
was written by many of the authors of articles in the yizkor Books need not be
If translated it could be deleted.
Hope to hear >from you any suggestions
the suggestion about the Jewish gen in Great Britain is regretably no
suggestion. they do not know what they ahve. they do not lend. they do not
allow anyone not a memeber- which incidentally carries a price-not worth its
money- in to even read the materials.
Respectfully yOurs
Rabbi yosef Becher
19 Bethune Road
London n16 5DA

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