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Susana Leistner Bloch <bloch@...>


With the greatest of respect to Rabbi Yosef Becher,

I am only addressing your remarks on the translation of the Yizkor
Books. What was written in those books are the memories of the few
who were lucky enough to survive one of the most horrible episodes of
the long history of the Jewish People. To, in any way dishonour them
by censoring what they wrote would be a disservice to us all. What
they saw in the shtetlach they left behind and how they wrote about
it, cannot be , in any way, tampered with.

Dear Rabbi, I only know what my father ( Olev Hasholem) taught me,
what my mother showed me . They taught me that I must show respect
to all people, that we must respect their right to have a different
opinion, that we must even fight to defend them >from those that
would wish to forcefully change their opinion and that we must
defend to the death our own right to pursue our own beliefs and
traditions and the teachings of the Torah.

I am saddened by the fact that someone, obviously versed in our
Torah teachings, should want to censor their fellow man. Do I agree
with those that run down the religious in those books? NO, I do not.
Those traditions and teachings was how I was brought up. And that is
what gives me the capacity of tolerance. By having strong belief and
faith in Judaism, they do not pose a threat and, can, therefore,
voice their opinion at will.

Most respectfully,

Susana Leistner Bloch

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