July 2000 report #yizkorbooks

Joyce Field <jfield@...>

Yizkor Book Update July 2000

Despite the fact that many of us were busy in early July preparing
for and then attending the summer genealogy meeting in Salt Lake City
(let's not forget also unpacking and sorting all the materials we
collected at the conference when we returned home), the project
volunteers were still able to produce a prodigious amount of work,
which included 7 new books and updates of 11 books. In addition, we
have a new staff updating the Yizkor Book database, working under
John Berman, and it is our hope to get current in the very near

We now have 229 separate entries online at

New Books

Pushelat, Lithuania
Radzymin, Poland
Sa'rospatak, Hungary
Stawiski, Poland
Stropkov, Slovakia
Wegrow, Poland

Updated Books

Brody, Ukr
Grodno, Belarus
Ivye, Belarus
Jedwabne, Poland
Juechen, Germany
Polonnoye, Ukr
Rokiskis, Lithuania
Rzeszow, Poland
Sochaczew, Poland
Thessalonika, Greece
Yampol, Ukr

I would like to call your attention to two of the more interesting
pieces added this month. The necrology scroll of Sa'rospatak is
unique in its own right, but the fact that two of the Yizkor Book
html staff brought this wonderful piece to us is also worthy of

A recent article published in a Polish newspaper has been added to
the Jedwadne site at
http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/jedwabne/yed999.html. The historical
significance of this article is discussed in an introduction by
Morlan Ty Rogers. The writer of the article and the newspaper
publisher were eager to give JewishGen permission to publish a
translation of this article >from Polish to English, which was done by
a Yizkor Book Project volunteer, Joanna Zimmerman.

New fundraising projects

We also added three new fundraising projects in July. Online
donations to these projects can be made at
http://www.JewishGen.org/JewishGen-erosity/YizkorTrans.html. At the
same time that you are checking off financial support for these
projects, it would be appreciated if you would also make a generous
donation to JewishGen, which provides infrastructure and other
support at no cost to the projects but at significant cost to
JewishGen. Folks, there "ain't no free lunch" and we are all going
to have to help JewishGen pay for its operational expenses.

Bolekhov, Ukraine
Buchach, Ukraine
Chelm, Poland
Czyzew, Poland
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drogichin, Belarus
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Goniadz, Poland
Gorodenka, Ukraine
Gorodok, Ukraine
Grodno, Belarus
Krynki, Poland
Przemysl, Poland
Pulawy, Poland
Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
Rzeszow, Poland
Slutsk, Belarus
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Telekhany, Belarus
Wolbrom, Poland
Yedintsy, Moldova

Again, let me thank the volunteers who make the Yizkor Book Project
so successful and the donors who contribute the fruits of their work
so that we can preserve yizkor books, those unique historical
documents, in English. \We are indeed blessed to have so many
dedicated and tireless workers helping on this project.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager
Joyce Field

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