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Joyce Field <jfield@...>

This is a response to Sarah Katz's questions.

I will respond to questions 1 and 3. I have requested our technical
staff to respond to questions 2 and 4

Question 1: Title of article differs in TOC and actual article: My
suggestion would to recognize the differences in this way. In the
TOC to put the second title in brackets after the title noted in the
TOC [the chapter title is listed the article]. In the
actual text, next to the title include in brackets the title in the
TOC with the notation [the title is listed as TOC]. This makes
the reader aware of the discrepancy . Other editorial notations can
be done similarly.

Question 3: I agree that it is wasteful to translate the identical
Hebrew and Yiddish versions. In the TOC you might note that the
Yiddish (or Hebrew) is identical to the other chapter and will not be
translated. You can do this in a footnote or in the introduction to
the TOC or, depending on line space, in the TOC itself. It might be
a good idea to hyperlink as you suggest. However, it is good
practice to note these editorial decisions so that the reader is

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager
Joyce Field

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