Re: Digitization of Yizkor books by NYBC #yizkorbooks

Roberta Sheps <roberta_l_sheps@...>

My undertanding of copyright law is that just as Sidney had to get
permission >from the publisher of the Russian edition of the Yizkor Book
to publish his English translation, so the NYBC will have to get your
permission, as the creator of the English edition, to sell the digitized
version. I think your wisest course of action would be to get in touch
with the Book Centre, tell them you have translated a Yizkor book that
is currently in the New York Public Library, and find out what their
policy about copyright is. They may be intending to obtain permission
of the copyright holders before they proceed with digitizing any book. I
have found the Centre to be a very reasonable organisation, whose aim
(put very broadly) is to preserve Yiddish culture and make it available
to as many people as possible. As far as I can see >from their
publications, any profit they make >from selling books is re-invested in
the Centre, to further its aims.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

sidney zabludoff wrote:

Two years ago I published a Yizkor book in English (translated from
<big snip>

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