The book of David Szmulenski about Auschwitz #yizkorbooks

Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

I have taken upon myself translation and publication in Hebrew of the
book "Souvenirs de la Resistance dans le Camp d' Auschwitz-Birkenau"
Mise en form par Dr. Noe Gruss, published by author, Paris 1984,
Yiddish, 352 pages.

See my web page which contains an extensive index of the names
mentioned in the book at:

While negotiating with the author's widow, Mrs. Helene Szmulewski
in Paris, I found out that the book had already been translated to
English about 10-15 years ago. The name of the person who got the
copy rights and who took care to translate it was:
12 223 Vanowen St. Apt A
Hollywood CA 8105?

The widow never heard >from her or her heirs.

I wonder if any of you know what happened to the translation and how to
proceed >from here, regarding the English translation and publication of
the book.

I thank you very much,

Ada Holtzman
Web Site:

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