Re: The book of David Szmulenski about Auschwitz #yizkorbooks

Karen Horn <shorn3@...>


I live in LA. The address on Vanowen is actually in North Hollywood, not
Hollywood. It is in the San Fernando Valley. There is an Eva Dobkin with an
unlisted address in the current phone book for that area. Her number is

Good Luck, Karen Horn

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From: "Ada Holtzman" <ada01@...
The name of the person who got the
copy rights and who took care to translate it was:
12 223 Vanowen St. Apt A
Hollywood CA 8105?

The widow never heard >from her or her heirs.

I wonder if any of you know what happened to the translation and how to
proceed >from here, regarding the English translation and publication of
the book.

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