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Beverly <bev7@...>

In my translating I have come across mention of bands of marauders in 1920,
called Patlora, or Fatlora, or..., or....

I have entered every variant I can think of to the Google search engine, and
come up with nothing. Anybody know what these bands were actually called?
Else I'll just have to call them "Patlora Bands". If the reference cannot
be found anywhere, it will be pretty useless information.

In Hebrew the word is written
Peh, Tet, Lamed, Vav, Resh, Heh.

Hope someone can help.

Bev Shulster
Translating Bobrka and Bukaczowce
Pinkas Kehilot

MODERATOR NOTE: The name you are searching for is Simon Petlura. If you
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