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Please check additional materials on Jedwabne, Poland.

=46or over a year the town of Jedwabne, Poland has been in the
headlines in Poland, the United States, and Israel, of course. By
now we are familiar with the details of the murder of the Jewish
inhabitants in this town in July 10,1941. In October 1998 the
Yizkor Book Project posted the initial translations of the yizkor
book at,
including the chapters which described the massacre.

In May 2000 a very important article announced the events to the
world,"Burning Alive" by Andrzej Kaczynski, published May 5, 2000 in
the Polish newspaper "Rzeczpospolita." A translation of this
article was appended to the yizkor book translation shortly
thereafter. The English translation of the book "Neighbors" has been
sold in the JewishGen Mall.

Recently we posted additional supplementary materials to the yizkor book si=

"The Perpetrators were Polish" published in Der Spiegel, May 28, 2001
as "Die T=E4ter waren Polen"
"List of the Jewish population that probably resided in Jedwabne
prior to 1939" prepared by Mr. Leszek Kocon, Manager of the Lomza
branch of the State Archives in Bialystok (May 2001).

All these materials can be accessed at We wish to
thank Morlan Ty Rogers, the project coordinator for the yizkor book
translation, for assisting us in presenting these important
supplementary materials.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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