Re: Does the Yizkor list include only Holocaust victims? #yizkorbooks

Marian Rubin

On July 16, Eva Floersheim asked, "Does the Yizkor list include only

If Eva's question refers to the JewishGenYizkor Book Necrology Database,
I have had the same question, and my observations of the Rzeszow Yizkor
book data are similar to those Eva made about the Lubaczow and Lwow
yizkor lists.

I'm coordinating the translation of the Rzeszow Yizkor Book. A section titled
"In Memoriam", which has been translated/transliterated, contains memorial
tributes >from relatives, grouped by family, and is primarily a remembrance of
those who were killed in the Holocaust.However, grandparents who died some
years before are sometimes included. There is no long list. Many
relatives submitted family photos, identifying those in the photo, usually
with a few words. Some tributes are text only, naming the deceased
and relationships of family members, some of whom were still living.
Each is signed by the relatives who submitted the tribute, so it was clear
those individuals were still living in 1966-1967 when the book was published.

After our translation went online, little by little, I have learned that
some in
the family photos survived the war or had emigrated before the war. I know
of one case where the tribute is for a person who died in Israel in the
early 1960s.

After the first of JewishGen's compilation was online, I thought about
submitting the Rzeszow list, but the necrologies were described on the
Necrology Database as "lists of Holocaust Martyrs", and that did not apply
to all the names in the Memorial section of our book. So I never submitted
It would be impossible to identify (and exclude) those who did not perish
in the Holocaust.

The names in the Rzeszow Yizkor book's In Memoriam section have been
included in the online index our translator is compiling as he works.

Marian Rubin
San Francisco

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