Coordinator's thanks to Yizkor book fund donors #yizkorbooks

Marian Rubin

I coordinate the Rzeszow Yizkor book translation, and Joyce Field sent me
a report of 4 new donations. I don't recognize one of the donors' names,
and I have known all previous donors to the Rzeszow fund. I was not able
to find the donor's name and email in the JGFF for Rzeszow, or for some
of the surrounding towns, nor in the Gesher Galicia Family Finder.

I asked Joyce how I could get the email address of the donor so
that I could thank her. Joyce answered that there is no one to look up
this information, and that JewishGen thanks the donors.

I wonder if there are other coordinators who think, as I do, that
coordinator contact with donors is vital for the goal of connection, which
is at the heart of our work.

I also wonder if this donation could have been intended for another yizkor
book fund. If I could thank this donor for her contribution to the Rzeszow
book translation, she might answer that there had been a mistake and that
her donation was meant for another fund. It is possible that this $50
contribution is intended for one of your funds. How would we know?

On the email acknowledgment that JewishGen sent me for my
yizkor book contribution in July, only the word Yizkor appears. There
is no indication that this was credited to the Rzeszow fund. We are
lacking a good cross check system. I do know that my donation was
credited correctly because, as the coordinator, I receive the report
of donations.

I would like to hear comments >from other cooordinators about
* thanking donors directly
* concerns, if any, about inadvertent errors in crediting donations.

Marian Rubin
San Francisco

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