reply to Marian Rubin #yizkorbooks

Joyce Field

Marian Rubin and I have known each other and worked with each other
for many years, during which we have often discussed the financial
situation of JewishGen and the Yizkor Book Project. She always has
JewishGen and the Yizkor Book Project at heart. Therefore, her
excellent observation deserves a detailed response.

The simple reply is that JewishGen has neither the financial nor the
human resources to implement her request.

Here is our situation in pretty blunt terms.

Fact 1: Without more help and better systems, we simply do not have
the resources to do any more than we are currently doing. To
implement Marian's request would require a substantial amount of
someone's time. As we do not have the staff to do the programming to
generate the data at this time, we would have to hire someone outside
for $150 an hour. Without investing several hundred dollars, we don't
even know if it could be done. This is what I learned >from Susan
King when I asked her how to respond to Marian.

Fact 2: The Yizkor Book Project does not raise any funds to support
JewishGen's overhead: the funds raised cover only the cost of
translation and NOT even the administrative costs of paying the
translators. Until we fix this situation and provide the funding to
handle additional administrative needs, we are facing great
difficulties. Sobering actions will be necessary. Clearly, as we
cannot now fund our current activities, we cannot assume additional

Fact 3: How are JewishGen and the Yizkor Book Project going to
survive? In the future we are going to have to raise funds for ALL
projects, including Yizkor Book, that will begin to cover JewishGen's
overhead and to provide for special requests such as this.

This is the somber reality we face. It isn't that we don't want to
generate this information; we simply cannot do it with the human and
financial constraints under which we operate today.

Is this reality is shocking to you?

How much do JewishGen and the Yizkor Book Project mean to you?

If you want to help us, then please consider making a generous
donation to fund JewishGen. Here is an easy way. At you can
contribute to a special translation fund and to JewishGen Operations
at one place. At, you can
purchase a plaque, with the funds going to JewishGen Operations.
These are some positive actions to help us survive.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager
JewishGen VP, Research

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