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(1) Thanks

As the coordinator of the YEDINTSY, Moldova Yizkor Book Translation Project I
wanted to thank everyone who responded to my appeal for typist.

The response was great and as a result of the e-mail to the SIGs and within
the Yedinitz community 14 volunteers have or still are participating in
typing English translations of various articles for submission to the Yizkor
Book project. It's this type of response (even >from many who have no
connection to Yedintsy) that really makes us a community. Again thank you.

(2) Search for Copies of Second Yedinitz Yixkor Book

I am searching for a copy of the below book to buy so I can begini
coordinating the creation and translation of a Table of Contents for this
remembrance of Yedinitz. The only copy I have ever seen is in the Jewish
Records Division of the NY Publlic LIbrary in Manhattan and is so frail the
pages crumble to the touch. If you know of a copy for sale please let me
know so I can scan the text and save it for future reference.

Original Title: Mayn shtetl Yedinets : shteyger roman
English Title: My Shtetl Yedinets
Alternate Title: Pueblo de Iedinetz
Author: Golde Gutman (Krimer)
Published: Buenos Aries 1943
Volumes: 2 Yiddish
Thank you again,

Eric Schwartzman, New York, NYS Yedinitz/Yedintsy Yiozkor Book Coordinator

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