Chust (Carpathorus) - a new Yizkor book #yizkorbooks

Uri Jakubovic

Dec. 22, 2003

Dear Genners,

A new book was published recently about Chust (read Khust) in Carpathorus,
now in Ukraine. hereby are the bibliographic details of it:

"Kehillat Chust Vehasviva - Sefer Zikaron" = "The Jewish Community in Chust and
its Surrounding Villages". Published by the Association of former Inhabitants of Chust and Its Surrounding Villages. Rehovot, 2000. Its editor is Zvi Menshel.
The book is of 640 pages containings photographs, maps etc. Its price is
150 NIS (including delivery costs). *** The book has an English version and
contains 1043 pages including also indices that are missing in the Hebrew one.
Its price is 270 NIS (including delivery costs).

For more details and orders, address to the book editor Mr. Zvi Menshel
[Moderator Note: Please contact Uri for Mr. Menshel's email address if you
are interested]

Uri Jakubovic

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