Lance Ackerfeld and his family #yizkorbooks

Joyce Field

Dear Yizkor Book Friends,

Most of our readers know how vital Lance is to the Yizkor Book
Project. He coordinates permissions >from landsmanschaftn and
coordinates the html process and getting your translations online at
amazing speed.

However, you may not know that Lance and his family live on a kibbutz
in northern Israel, near the Lebanese border. Our last word was that
Lance does not have Internet access now and it may take a few days to
get that fixed. Therefore, nothing will be processed and put online
until Lance's Internet situation is resolved.

But his personal situation is more serious. Lance's kibbutz is
removing all the children to another kibbutz in the south of Israel.
His son will be in that group. His older daughter is a soldier but is
at a "safe" base. His younger daughter will remain at home with
Lance and his wife. The kibbutz members have to sleep in a shelter,
which Lance told me a few days ago has no running water and is hot.

I know that you join us in our hopes for peace and for the safety of
Lance and his family. One way to show your appreciation for all of
Lance's work is to honor him at JewishGen's Wall of Honor at

Joyce Field
JewishGen's VP, Data Acquisition

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