Family Finder - The Big Picture? #dna


Martin, while you may be correct about FF, don't assume that any Jews with
fair skin, light hair or eyes are the result of inappropriate
intermarriages with Gentile populations. Although conversion was not
common it certainly occured. The Tanakh clearly states that King David's
features were "ruddy." His great-grandmother, Ruth the Moabitess is our
quintessential righteous convert.

Sol Lachman

From: "Martin Davis" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 11:09:19 +0100

Bob Kosovsky wrote re Family Finder: Can anyone explain these seemingly
off-the-wall results?

Now me - like I guess most of us - is Jewish >from every direction. In my
family history at some point there will have been a marriage/relationship
into a local population - light skinned and gray eyes comes >from somewhere
but not in the past known history and definitely never in Lithuania. So my
guess is that whenever our common ancestor existed he/she probably dressed
in animal skins and roamed the great Polish plain in search of Aurok.

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