Family Finder Success! #dna

Elaine Bush <erbush@...>

A projected 3rd - 5th cousin is actually my 5th cousin once removed!

The relationship had been suggested back in January of this year, but
having this DNA connection helped to confirm the suspected connection
for me. There was not a surname "match" but I recognized the surname
in the list attached to the man tested. I had not yet followed up
with this connection because it seemed too remote.

Then, this evening, in the process of cleaning up my family tree
(adding sources, etc.) I had the occasion to go over some old emails
related to our families. The name of the email sender popped out and
I recognized it as one >from my Family Finder matches. Good thing I
kept all those old emails and good thing he posted his tree on Family

Eagerly awaiting more finds...
Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA
Surnames: REST, RYK (my new confirmed connection) >from Plunge,

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