Re: Family Finder - The Big Picture? #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Max Blankfeld, VP of Family Tree DNA wrote:

Here are the main problems that Jews have in trying to identify common
ancestors - as you certainly know?
a) lack of a common surname prior to late 1700's early 1800's
He is talking about Ashkenazim and not most of the other Jews. Most of
them did had family names for over 500 years.

b) inbreeding population
He is is right about inbreeing. Let look at the numbers of Ashkenazim.
In 1500, it is estimated that the numbers were between 15,000 to 20,000.
By 1800 the number were about two million and 100 years later, eight
and half million. This means that on the average for each couple, there
were 3 children living long enough to had the following generation.
Using this figure of three children per couple, each couple would have
729 ggggreatgrandchildren with no inbreeding. Going the other way, each
of us have 16 pair of gggreatparents. If cousins did not married, we
would have over 23,000 5th cousins. Then if one takes any two
Ashkenazim, the chances not being related are 1 over the square of
23,000 which equal to 1 over half billion.

c) many unrelated lines adopting same surnames
For example, just look at the different haplogroups than the name
"Cohen" are in.

d) many related lines adopting different surnames
I run a haplogroup project called J2b_455-8. Everyone in it are J2b
with the value on DYS 455 of 8. The founder person (MCRA) is estimated
to lived less than 1000 year ago. Out of the 59 persons that I found
belonging to our haplogroup J2b2e, there were 53 different surnames.

e) many surnames being adapted to the land where descendants moved in.,
Some of the names in my project are Arnold, Brown, Cole, Gorden,
Perkins, Scott and Smith.

What Ashkenazim Jews need to do is to formed more haplogroup projects
based on the results >from Y-DNA testing or on some string values >from the
Family Finder results. Family Tree DNA is very helpful with setting them
up. Just be very careful in naming them. My group was called first as
"J2e1_H102". The "H102" is a SNP that was not part of my Y-DNA results.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

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