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Sean Silver <sean_silver@...>

For the past three years, admins >from Jewish-related projects have
met at Family Tree DNA's International Conference on Genetic
Genealogy in Houston.

Family Tree DNA has provided us with ample support in the past,
with all three annual meetings being attended by one or many of
their geneticists and experts. As a group, this has allowed us
access to such individuals as doctors Michael Hammer and Doron
Behar, as well as Matt Kaplan of FTDNA and the Shoah project,
Elliott Greenspan and last but not least Bennett Greenspan, who has
been extremely supportive of our community (and me personally) >from
the beginning. Bennett Greenspan and Dr. Behar also ran a Jewish-
related breakout session during last week's conference, querying
us for anything FTDNA may be able to provide to help our projects
move forward.

This year, we have decided to raise our level of cooperation so that
a Jewish-related project admin doesn't have to re-invent the wheel
or burn the midnight oil researching topics. We have several subject-
matter experts in various areas and we might as well take advantage
of that. Whether this expertise falls within haplogroup or
geographically specific areas, genetics, history or theological-
references, I can definitely speak truth-to-fact that my projects
have progressed considerables with the benefit of such interaction.
We have also found a significant benefit of this interaction --
access to other admins who may be able to refer more project
members to us.

If you are the administrator of such a project, please contact me
so ( that I can add you to the growing list
of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). I will also forward your
information on to the other administrators.

Sean Silver, administrator
Jewish DNA Project Admins group
Jewish R1b Project @ FTDNA
Jewish Cohane Project @ FTDNA
Jewish Moravian Project @ FTDNA

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