Re: Ashkenazic vs. Sephardic SNPs #dna

Justin Loe <justinloe@...>

" Can someone explain to me why, in light of these findings,
we continue to refer to these two groups as distinct genetically? In
fact there is a subgroup on devoted to the idea that
people will be able to identify their deep Sephardic ancestry using
the services of Family Tree DNA. What am I missing here?

Joan Hartman"

Yes, two groups can have similar structure results and not have
common ancestors within the past 1000 years. We clearly see this,
when we see Cypriots overlapping part of the Sephardic cluster and
when we see the very different count of Sephardic matches on
Relative Finder at 23andme.

Also, Dienekes' latest plot shows distinctions between Sephardic
and Ashkenazi:
[full URL: --Mod.]

Greeks: blue; Italians: green; Cypriots: magenta; Sephardic Jews:
grey; Ashkenazi Jews: red.

Justin Loe

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