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Sean Silver <sean_silver@...>

Hello Beth,

Besides Vincent Vizachero's and my own work, there are now several
projects which have shown a correlation between this Eastern R1b
(colloquially called ht35), which is found in high frequencies and
broad genetic variance among the Southern Anatolia, the Caucasuses,
South Eastern Asia and the Levant. Conversely, this Eastern R1b
presents with a very low frequency and genetic variance within
Europe, particularly Western Europe. Peter Hrechdakian, the admin
of the Armenian and Assyrian DNA Projects, also offers data that
further confirms an established R1b presence within the geographic
area that was once Assyria. The Jewish clusters do indeed fit
within his clusters of Middle Eastern R1b, most of whom are tightly-
clustered -- none more than the Jewish clusters, which themselves
are tightly clustered and distinct >from the others.

At last year's FTDNA International Conference of Genetic Genealogy,
Vince and I had a long discussion with Dr. Michael Hammer, who has
since revised his theory of R1b migration to include the presence
of this R1b which never migrated into Europe. At last week's
conference, I spoke with Dr. Michael Hammer and Dr. Doron Behar
about the findings of my project, and both confirmed that it indeed
indicated such a presence of Jewish R1b with origins in the Middle
East. I have also worked at length with Bennett Greenspan of FTDNA
over the past three years on the project and he has devoted quite a
bit of time and support.

Roughly 120 project members (41% of the total project) all fit
within this Eastern R1b modal. These 120 individuals are sorted
into only a handful of clusters and all are SNP-confirmed only to
m269+ or L23+, negative the rest of the way downstream. All have an
indicative DYS 393=12 and a portion further have DYS 426=11, both of
which have a low mutation rate.

None of these project members have a non-Jewish match beyond Y-12
and all have a confirmed Jewish paternal history without knowledge
of conversion. 31 members are further confirmed to only have matches
with an oral tradition of being Cohanim, and are themselves tightly
clustered into 2 groups, none of whom have a non-Cohane, yet alone
non-Jewish match beyond Y-12. GATA-H4 = 12 is also an indicative
marker among these two clusters, which itself has a slow mutation
rate and is 1 allele apart >from the modal.

Sorry for the lengthy reply, I just wanted to clarify this
misconception. Is there indeed admixture within R1b? Yes, but it is
far smaller than we may have first conceived. There is a very small
instance of WAMH among the entire 300 person project.

Sean Silver
Jewish R1b Project
Cohane R1b Project
Jewish Moravian Project

Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 11:47:55 -0700

The admixture analysis may show that the average European Jew is
(for example) 63/64 Middle Eastern. Though I doubt that's the case.

a Y-DNA analysis shows many Jews to have Q, R1a, and R1b direct male
ancestors. These are not Middle Eastern haplogroups.

Beth Long
Heimlich surname project administrator

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