Re: FamilyTreeDNA: All the results for Y-DNA, MTDNA and familyfinder #dna


Hi Fred

The most likely reason is that three, or possibly all four, of the markers
that mismatched at 37 markers were in the 25-marker panel also--too far
apart for a match to show among that group of markers, where I believe 23 are
necessary to call a match.

But I am very surprised if Family Tree DNA did not answer your e-mails--I
have never had that happen. Did you address them to info@...?
Or were you referring to the people who matched you not answering?

Donn Devine
Wilmington Delaware, USA

In a message dated 11/8/2010 2:23:16 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
Fred.Zimmak@... writes:
But I am still confused over some of my Y-DNA results. I have an example
where FamilyTreeDNA say that I have a very close match:
Exact 12 marker, for 37 marker 4 mutation 8 generation 88,83 percent and
67 marker 4 mutation 8 generation 95,08 percent. Why does he not appear in
the 25 marker test? I have a similar close match and he appears in all
marker tests and 12 and 25 with exact match. (Bad enough just those people
don't answers my mails.)

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