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Ah! I checked the main Ciechanow page and the "Type
M" does stand for "marriage records".

So I am also confused by the headings at the top of
the table.
AKT: 2
FATHER: Mosek Mortkowicz
MOTHER: Chaja Sura Wolfow
AGE: 19
TOWN: Ciechanow
YEAR: 1836
FILM: 702466

This does not make it clear who the bride and groom
are. Mosek and Chaja are listed as parents, but
chaja is only 19!


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Subject: My Grandfather Israel Wulfow

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I was very suprised to see the surname Wulfow
listed in some of the
Ciechanow lists. The only Wulfows I know are my
fathers brothers and their
wives and children. My grandfather left Russia to
avoid serving in the
Czar's army. This was prior to 1910. I know this
date because my
grandfather's brother and his twin sons came for a
visit and then went back.
This is the last we heard >from them. This
greatuncle supposedly went back
because his wife did not wish to leave her
belongings behind which she would
have had to done to emigrate.

Does anyone know why I might have found my surname
in the lists located at and what
this means. I am
Thanks for any help
Marti Wulfow Garner

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