JACOBS and JOSEPHS and JABLUSZKO families #ciechanow #poland

Alice Josephs

I have just come across, thanks to a newly-found cousin, a possible
double relationship in my family and wonder whether anybody is
researching the JACOBS/LEWIS/JOSEPHS family of London and possibly of
Ciechanow and the surrounding area.

My Ciechanow connection, up to now, has been through my Ciechanow-born
late grandfather, whom I never knew, who came to this country in 1903
or 1904 at 12 or 13 years old. His name was Barnett (Benjamin) JOSEPHS.
The orginal surname, I have discovered, was JABLUSZKO which means
'little apple' in Polish and is not a particularly common Polish Jewish
name, as far as I can tell.

My grandmother Fanny (Feiga) DON was born in nearby Pultusk, although
the couple married in the East End of London, UK in 1915.

Fanny DON's maternal first cousin, Anna GOLDMAN, married Jack JACOBS, a
British born man and butcher by trade. Jack JACOBS's mother was born
Rosa LEWIS 1st February 1878 40 Goulston Street, Whitechapel. Her
father was Nathan LEWIS, a costermonger, of the same
address. Her mother is also down on the birth certificate as Fanny born

So was my grandfather's family related to my grandmother's cousin's
husband's JACOBS' family?

I have come across JOSEPHS families who are not related. JOSEPHS can be
a Dutch or German name. I have also come across a Polish KUTCHINSKY
family who took the name JOSEPHS in England. The same name, I realize,
does not necessarily signify the same family. It could also be that the
clerk writing the certificate made a mistake and wrote JOSEPHS instead

Or Barnett could have been related to his wife's cousin's husband. My
JACOBS cousin is also pondering why LEWIS was written LUIS, the Spanish

It may make it clearer for some who are interested to go on to my
website to see the relationships. Visit

But is anybody out there researching a JACOBS/LEWIS/JOSEPHS family and
possibly holds the key to this family mystery?

Alice Josephs
Researching JABLUSZKO (JOSEPHS) and ROZENBERG in Ciechanow and DON and
See my website at freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~genealice/

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