Grynshtein, Grob, Holzman, Fiszerman, Tchorz from Ciechanow #poland #ciechanow

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Mendel Bordowicz was my great-grandfather (I'm named after him)
and while the name Bordowicz is quite rare, within that clan Mendel B's
seem to grow on trees,
so I've called them 'other Mendel', 'yet another Mendel', 'still another
Mendel', etc.
They are all related but 'other Mendel' has not been at the top of my list of
priorities, partly because Makow records before the late 1890s don't exist

I don't know why it took me all this time but I finally looked into the family
of '(other) Mendel' Bordowicz's wife Blima Grynshtejn.
The Bordowicz family was >from Karniewo and Golymin, near Makow Maz.

I finally looked at Ciechanow (where a number of Bordowicz were born) and
immediately found 'other Mendel's' wife Blima Grinshtein and her family back to
the early 1700s!

So, here are the new names I'm researching >from Ciechanow:

0. Hil and Blima Grynshtein had two sons, Lewin and Jzrael, born early 1800s.
1. Lewin G married Jura Fiszerman c.1820
2. Jura's father was Dawid Fiszerman
3. Their daughter Golda Frayda G married Lewek Jonas Holzman (son of Abram
and Malka H) in 1949.
No other Holzman records for Ciechanow so I assume he came >from elsewhere
(need to go back and
look at that record again).
4. Their daughter Blima G married 'other Mendel' Bordowicz
5. Other children of Lewin and Jura G were Abraham, Hinda, Azryel Haskiel,
Aron Joel.
6. Lewin's brother Jzrael G married Dyna Grob in 1827.
7. Dyna's parents were Mosiek Hersz and Laja Grob.
8. Jzrael and Dyna G had a daughter Chana Marya who married Aron Tchorz in

If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me privately at


Marty Meyers

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