Re: Other names for Ciechanow #poland #ciechanow

Yano <dzierzecki@...>

I seem to recall that there were both Russian and German alternative names
Ciechanow. Can anyone provide these names?
Hello, Wiktor Dzierzęcki here, >from Ciechanów :-) I'm not Jewish but I would
like to help.
These names are:
German: Zichenau, not Ziechanau
Russian: Цьхановъ (or Цьхановь ?)

By the way, I'm looking for some info about parents and siblings (or
anything) about my great-grandfather Wiktor Dzierzęcki (*1864,+1940), and
same info about his wife: Józefa Wdowińska (*1877,+1948). Their son
Aleksander are listed here:

(ps. this message coding: Unicode UTF-8)

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