My visit to Ciechanow and Mlawa archives #poland #ciechanow

Alice Josephs

Hi everyone,

Well, I finally did it. I went to Poland for other purposes but spent a
day going with Krysztof Malczewski (JRI-Poland's representative in
Poland, known as Chris) and his Russian born assistant Lydia to
archives in Mlawa (where the pre 1905 records are kept) and Ciechanow
(post 1905 records).

I have to add that I didn't have time to look round Ciechanow (or
Mlawa) except for a meal in a local restaurant and a quick peep at the
local castle, but I do aim to go back again soon. Of course being with
Chris and Lydia smoothed the way, especially (as many of you probably
already know most of the records are in Russian Cyrillic, although some
First World War records are in German). You can see photos of Ciechanow
and Mlawa archives at

To cut a long story short, I have now discovered my JABLUSZKO (JOSEPHS)
family does not seem to have been in Ciechanow after 1904, the year my
JABLUSZKO grandfather emigrated. However his mother's ROZENBERG family
probably was in Ciechanow right up to 1939.

You can see my JABLUSZKO family starting at

This starts with Josek JABULSZKO born about 1800 who married Dobra
JOSKOWNA. However it sounds as if JOSKOWNA may possibly be a Russian
patronymic rather than a surname. My grandfather's grandmother was
Estera Malka BENDER, So I am now also researching the BENDER family of

My great grandfather, also called Josek JABLUSZKO, married twice. His
first marriage was to Frymeta GOLDSZTEJN and his second to my great
grandmother Yetta (Judith) ROZENBERG, daughter of Jankiel ROZENBERG and
Brana born MILICH. So I am also now looking for the MILICH family.

I also visited Pultusk, the birthplace of my grandmother, Fanny (Feiga)
DON and her mother Leah born GOLDMACHER who married Chezkel or Heyman
DON/DAN for her second marriage. The bus to Ciechanow stopped first in
Pultusk, so you can see that even though my grandparents married in
London, UK they didn't stray far for marriage partners. I also visited
the Pultusk archives and also took photos. You can see those photos at

I do aim to go back to Ciechanow soon so that I have a chance to see
more of the town as well. Has anybody looked round the town?

And of course, please contact me if you think you think there is any
connection between my families and yours!

Alice Josephs
GURMAN Pultusk, Poland.

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