New Book, "Caviar and Ashes" in the JewishGenMall #poland #ciechanow

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Dear JewishGenners,

Whether your ancestors came >from Poland or you are just interested in the
history of the Polish intellectuals of the 20th century, the new book
"Caviar and Ashes" by Dr. Marci Shore is sure to be a fascinating read.
Recently published by Yale University Press, the book can now be purchased
at a discounted price through the JewishGenMall.

Dr. Shore's "Caviar and Ashes" eloquently presents the history of a
generation of Polish intelligentsia born at the turn of the last
century. The book follows the lives of young innovators who chose the
Marxist philosophy even before Poland fell under the control of the Soviet
Union. Their selected path took them >from literary cafes not only to
corridors of power but also to prison cells. The work, based on the newly
obtainable archives >from Poland, the ex-USSR and Israel, recounts over
fifty years of Eastern-European Jewish literati history in the twentieth

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more about the book or to place your order, click on the moving banner..

We welcome your visit and appreciate whatever purchases are made in the
JewishGenMall since this is one way of helping support JewishGen programs
and projects.


Carol W. Skydell, Vice President
JewishGen Special Projects

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