PRASZNYCER family in Chiechanow #ciechanow #poland

Morris Gradel <morris.gradel@...>

I am researching my husband's maternal PRASZNYCER family in Russian =20
Poland (variant spellings). The name is found in several towns in =20
Poland >from 1826-1902 and, apart >from the early ones in Ciechanow =20
from 1826-46, they are all confirmed family entries: 1859-68 =20
Zakroczym, 1869 Warszawa, 1875-1902 Plock, 1854-60(maiden name), 1870 =20=

Kolo, 1884 Kalisz.

First confirmed generation is schechter Abraham PRASZNYCER(abt.=20
1805/10-bef.1859) and Ryfka n=EBe FOGEL. They lived during the =20
1830-40ies in a small community Wladyslawow=3DRussocice abt. 16 km SW =20=

of Kolo in Kalisz Gubernia. The nearest registry town was Turek but =20
only vital records >from 1837 survived in Turek and the name is not =20
noted that year.

Abraham and Ryfka had four sons: David (abt. 1831-1902), Wolf (abt. =20
1835- 1914), Mordko/Mark (1837-1914), Isaiah/Szaja (abt. 1842-1908) =20
and probably a daughter Hagar (abt. 1832-1895).

The name seems unigue and I strongly suspect the Ciechanow =20
PRZASZNYCERs belong have found no proof. I have been through the =20
1826-40 film #702466 but, alas, an initially promising Abraham =20
Szajowicz died already 1837

Any Ciechanow researcher with information about that name?

Kirsten Gradel,

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