Making records more accessible & volunteer opportunity #poland #ciechanow

Stan Zeidenberg

As many of you may know, JRI has produced scanned images of birth, marriage
and death records for several Polish towns. Eventually, JRI will have these
images for all Polish towns. Part of the overall plan is to link JRI online
search results with these images.

In the case of Ciechanow, JRI already has these images available. They
cover the period 1812 to 1912. To make these records accessible,
associations need to be made between image numbers and actual AKT(record)
numbers. The task itself is a simple one, making number entries into a
spreadsheet. The project will require more than one volunteer. Please
contact me personally if you want to find out more about this opportunity to

Stan Zeidenberg
Coordinator, Ciechanow Research Group


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