New edition of JewishGen Success! Stories #ciechanow #poland

Phyllis Kramer

JewishGen resources played an important role in these three
inspirational stories. You can access these accounts >from the "About
Us" button on our website or by following this link:

**Meyer Denn reminds us that time is running out for parents and
children and brothers and sisters who were torn apart by the Holocaust
to be reunited. He tells the story of a little girl who was placed in
an orphanage in Russia in 1941, the father who never stopped searching
for her, and the cousins who reunited the family after 75 years.

**Paul Howard had successfully researched the family history for his
adoptive family, the only family he knew. When he learns that adoption
records were being made available to adoptees in Ontario, he sets off
on a quest to learn about his biological roots.

**Peter Vanlaw knew little about his actress cousin Eva Baruch.
Through his research, Peter learns about Eva's fascinating life,
including her narrow escapes >from Germany to Shanghai in 1938, from
Shanghai to Australia in 1941 only days before the Japanese closed off
the city, and >from East Berlin to the West just before the East
Germans erected the wall.

JewishGen volunteers (Editor - Nancy Siegel and Webmaster - Colin
Mathias Justin) collect and post these stories. We encourage you to
submit your own success stories to us at success@... .

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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