Finding info about my G Grandparents #poland #ciechanow

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(Dear Ciechanowers:

I will be replying to the writer of this posting directly, providing some research guidance as requested.
I am sending through the posting because the writer has indicated intention to go to the Warsaw Conference,
which may be of interest to others who are also planning to attend.

Stan Zeidenberg, Ciechanow Research Group)

Hi Ciechanow SIG,

I am going to be going to Warsaw in April. Yes, it will still be COLD! lol!
I found out that my G Greatparents on my Mother's Father's side, came
from Ciechanow. I will read up all I can, but I would like to know
WHERE i may be able to find records of 1850-1920 of this place.

I am not even sure what name they went under, then, but would like to
do as much research as possible when I am in Poland.

Their name that I know them as wes:
David Rubin and Esther Barax.
David's father's name was supposedly, Walawitzky. That is not totally confirmed.
But they lived in Ciechanow.

Any and all info where I may be able to find records, names, etc....
would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

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