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Stan Zeidenberg

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Obtaining genealogical data/records relating to Ciechanow

1. JRI has an ongoing program to scan images of the Polish vital records
and has already done this for a tremendous number of them. In the case of
Ciechanow, available record images go up to 1912. The JRI online database
contains index reference data to Ciechanow records running up to 1907.
2. The Excel database for Ciechanow (also an index data database) runs up
to 1912 and will be expanded. This is available by way of a qualifying
contribution (QC) to JRI (currently $200 U.S. less any previous
contributions associated with Ciechanow PSA data), plus the signing of a
database sharing agreement (DBSA).
4. The QC + DBSA entitle the contributor researcher to receive any number
of record images.
5. I am the JRI volunteer in respect of the Mlawa Archive records, and in
that role I facilitate items 2 and 4 above. The record images are on a
server to which I have access.
6. The records for years after 1912 are held in the Ciechanow USC (City
Hall). For more information on accessing this material, please contact me directly.
7. Records that JRI has imaged are held in the Mlawa Archive.
This Archive holds records for about 9 towns, Ciechanow being one of these.

Stan Zeidenberg
Ciechanow Research Group Coordinator

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