At appeal from Stanley Diamond, Executive Director of JRI-Poland #poland #ciechanow

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends of JRI-Poland:

As the festival of Chanukah is around the corner and we approach the end of=
the secular year, JRI-Poland reflects on the researchers who have recogniz=
ed the invaluable role we play and in so doing, have generously supported o=
ur programs and initiatives.

This year -- more than ever -- we need the support of each and every resear=
cher who utilizes the JRI-Poland website and database...sometimes making li=
fe-changing discoveries along the way.=20

And so, when making your year-end contributions, we ask you to recognize ho=
w we have made a difference for you, your family and countless others and g=
ive serious consideration to the three ways in which your support can be so=
vital to helping JRI-Poland build our database, enhance our initiatives an=
d make our efforts to benefit you even more meaningful.=20

Here is how you can make a difference.

1) Contribute to a Town Project

There is more to do for almost every town in our database, including adding=
more years and supplementing existing indices with additional information.=
Donations of every size are needed to keep each town project moving forwar=
d. Please contact the Town Leaders or Archive Coordinators for your towns t=
o find out what additional indexing or records extraction needs to be done =
or write to questions@.... Please give generously to these worth=
while projects.

2) Give a Gift to our Next Generation Project

JRI-Poland=E2=80=99s ambitious Next Generation project will make our databa=
se even more valuable for researchers in the future. It will also ensure th=
at future leadership will have the tools to best help the research communit=
y. The 'Next Gen' Project requires significant donations. It entails the fi=
rst overhaul haul of our database and website in 25 years. It is our commit=
ment to bring you the optimum ways to access and analyze the information yo=
u need to build your family tree and retrieve the names of your previously =
unknown ancestors and lost relatives.

For more information about Next Gen, please write to nextgen@...=
. Read more at:

3) Help Strengthen our General Fund

Those of you who know me and my colleagues are surely aware how we have lab=
ored tirelessly to make JRI-Poland what it is, the home of the =E2=80=98lar=
gest collection of Jewish vital records online.=E2=80=99 But, we volunteer=
s can only accomplish so much. As JRI-Poland has grown over the years, we'=
ve experienced increasing Technical and Accounting & Auditing needs that re=
quire professional resources, and since we are a completely independent org=
anization that has never/never charged a membership fee, we need to strengt=
hen our General Fund that supports our underlying structure

No donation is too small and every donation is greatly appreciated! You can=
donate online at:

When donating by credit card, under "Town Name' please write in which town =
you wish to support, or under Allocation of Your Contribution, choose 'Next=
Generation Project' or "General Fund" depending on your intention.

Remember, we now also provide a facility to make recurring donations. Small=
donations >from you each month add up and can make a large difference to us=

Finally, JRI-Poland has been the recipient of a number of bequests >from res=
earchers remembering our organization in their estate planning. These beque=
sts have given us the flexibility in the past to invest in new indexing/ext=
ractions projects. We hope that those of you who are in position to do so w=
ill consider supporting the JRI-Poland legacy with a bequest of your own.

Note: JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit organization, a registered 50=
1(c)(3) in the United States, with its own administration, volunteers and f=
undraising. As a courtesy to researchers, JRI-Poland enables its data searc=
h results to be displayed on JewishGen's All Poland Database.

Wishing each and every one a healthy and joyous Chanukah.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director,
On behalf of the board of JRI-Poland=20

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