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Sam Eneman

Question about Images: if we're encouraging people to post text for translating, doesn't that undermine ViewMate, which is set up specifically for that?

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The Discussion Group unites Jewish genealogical researchers worldwide as they share information, ideas, methods, tips, techniques, and resources. 

A Few Simple Rules & Guidelines

  • Topics: Posts should relate to Jewish genealogy. We do not discuss religious issues (such as "Who is a Jew" and other discussions which are frequently raised within the context of researching one's roots).
  • Moderation: This group is moderated to ensure civility, and that posts are related to Jewish genealogy.
  • Frequency: You may post unique messages as often as you like, but please try to be thoughtful in your posts, and do not abuse this approach by posting many messages the same day, etc.
  • Commercial Posts: We welcome everyone, including other non-profit organizations, to share commercial offers as long as they are related to Jewish genealogy, and that those posting them do not abuse the privilege. Commercial posts should not repeat more than once every three months.
  • Fundraising Posts: Please do not post fundraising requests for other organizations.
  • Images: You may include images, and text from other languages (that you need help translating, etc).


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