Re: Rules & Guidelins - please comment

Sam Eneman

Re: Facebook group and ViewMate

I don’t check the Facebook group so I don’t know how successful it is. But as a platform, I find Facebook hard to search for information, not users.

On ViewMate, I can search for my family surnames and ancestral towns, and, if I’m a translator, for posts by language. I don’t think that functionality exists on Facebook.

Maybe we should poll JewishGen users to find out if they use the Facebook group, if they get value from it, if they prefer it over ViewMate, etc.

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 9:31 AM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:
We have to see how it will go. ViewMate was a solution, in part,  when we could not do this. We have seen on the Facebook group that people being able to quickly post images is helpful, and this will allow that to happen.

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