Re: Rules & Guidelins - please comment

Marjorie Geiser


Since you asked us to comment, I'm commenting. I gather this will eventually replace the old EML? For now, does this mean we'll get both? I get the old EML as a daily digest, so I set this up the same. I'll see how it comes on.

Also, since a comment was made about the Facebook group, I'd like to say something about that. I LOVE FB groups! Now that I'm retired, most of what I use FB for groups. And family (close and extended DNA /family tree cousins). And I would use the GJ FB group in a heartbeat.

However, after making one post in the JG group, and a friend of mine who is NOT in the group commented to me about my post, I realized the group is public. As long as it remains public, where anyone can see our posts, I won't use it again. If it were to be changed to at least Closed, I'd use it in a heartbeat.


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