Re: Group -- the Luddite position

Dick Plotz

One feature of the Lyris system is that it's not capable of including
attachments. It would be very helpful for the overwhelming majority of
users to be able to attach files, but when that functionality is
added, it can easily be used for mischief. It doesn't even have to be
a malicious person doing it. Anyone can attach a file they don't know
includes malware. Or an attached file that passes our own screening
gateways could trigger an alarm on someone else's.

The consequences would be devastating to our ability to send mail to
our subscribers. Already maybe once or twice a year we get put on the
blacklist of one or another service that provides information to mail
providers about mailstreams that need to be blocked. Now we have an
ironclad defense: we are unable to send infected files because we are
unable to send attachments. No matter how careful we are with whatever
new system we adopt, once we start admitting attachments we
permanently lose this ironclad defense. It already consumes an
inordinate amount of time for us, or our subscribers, or both to argue
with mail providers about this. I don't know whether there's a
solution to this problem.


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