Re: Trial

Dick Plotz

Sally, that's "Lyris", not "Lyrica".

Isn't this a function of what people are doing? I guess I'll find out soon, when I see this post. Or not; this reply is in the online interface rather than by email, because I've been testing the appearance of different forms of delivery, and I was on the plain digest.

Currently there are only four options when I edit my delivery preferences:

•Individual messages
•Full-featured digest (a listing of topics with links to read the messages in a given topic)
•Daily summary (similar to Lyris's Index format)
•Announcements only seems to have many delivery options available to offer. Why are they not all offered to subscribers? The overhead for doing so seems to be zero. For instance, two days ago, I think, a plain digest that looks similar to the Lyris digest was presented as an option, and now that option is missing. The plain digest is a daily digest with all the messages for the day. In another list I'm a member of, there's a plain digest option that is limited to 12 messages, like our current 12-message limit for the full-featured digest. So seems to offer a daily digest of various sorts and a 12-message digest of various sorts. If any options are to be limited, I would suggest offering only the daily digest. Moderators often schedule long posts to appear at the end of the daily digest so there are no messages after them that would be missed. That's hard to do if some people are getting digests covering overlapping sets of posts. But if the 12-message digests are sent out at the end of each day even if there's only one post waiting to be compiled, there wouldn't be much difference.

So let's see all the options, and then we can decide whether there are some that shouldn't be made available to subscribers. The default position should be that everything is available, and an option should be excluded only with good reason.


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