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Hello all. A few comments about the new site as it is still being tested & developed:

On the page, the first sentence has a typo
"JewishGen serves as-as the global home..." (I didn't check elsewhere, this was just a chance sighting.)

The footer on the new design (for pages such as needs work -- it shows too many copyright dates, lists the Wordpress back-end information in 2 different places, & Richard Baum's name is not capitalized.

Juliana Berland

On 31/07/2019 18:09, Nancy Siegel wrote:
JewishGen is pleased to announce our newly designed website at We commissioned the creation of a new landing page to serve as a launching point for the main components of the website. The site is built on a modern, secure platform, which is beneficial for a number of reasons, including: 
  • It has a more intuitive and user-friendly design,

  • It is mobile-responsive, and

  • It has a more familiar platform, which will make it easier for us to find qualified consultants, contractors and volunteers to help us in the future. 

This is not the final plan. It’s a stop-gap redesign that addresses some of the shortcomings of our website by creating a visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate homepage that researchers can utilize to find key components on the JewishGen site. While we attracted approximately one million unique visitors to the JewishGen site last year, only a small portion of this group actually registered or became regular users. We anticipate that an enhanced website will improve these results.

Specifically, we hope the new landing page will help guide researchers to:

  • Search the online collection 

  • Locate ancestral communities 

  • Explore life in their ancestral communities 

  • Join our discussion groups

  • Volunteer, and

  • Donate.

Over the next two months, we will begin crafting a proper technology strategy,  which will include our website and databases. In the meantime, however, this new landing page will immediately help researchers, while also demonstrating JewishGen's strategic focus.

Thank you to everyone on our staff and volunteer leadership team for their suggestions and contributions to making this happen. Special thanks to Scott Seidenstock, Gary Sandler, and Warren Blatt.

Please enjoy the site and visit now. Feedback and suggestions will be most welcome!

Nancy Siegel

Communications Coordinator

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