Re: Testing the #Hashtags Function

Rachel Kolokoff Hopper <r-hopper@...>

Well, understanding hashtags would require reading the information posted about them. But in a nut shell, they are supposed to give context to posts. Topics that include a hashtag should be grouped together, more easily searched, and presented as a thread. Whether or not they are useful for this group remains to be seen.

So, using this topic as an example I see that they DO work on the website. My assumption s that once a hashtag is created by any user all users can see it. I would be interested to know if this is, in fact, true. To test it, please do the following:

Click on “Hashtags” in the left hand menu

Click on #hashtags in the bright blue box

Above the bright blue box uncheck “Collapse Topics” if you see it is checked.

Below the blue box you will now see all the messages related to this topic.

I was actually hoping that it would group these messages in the emails that I receive but that did not happen, so my suspicion is that this function is only useful for reading messages on the website.

After reading more about I see that there is no admin function to force quoted replies. So it is either hashtags or copy and paste for those replying to a message. I do not see the copy/paste solution as viable for an active group.
Rachel Hopper
Ft. Collins. CO

On Aug 1, 2019, at 7:49 AM, Sally Bruckheimer via Groups.Io <sallybruc@...> wrote:

I'm sorry, but do Hashtags have to do with anything. You have a long posting.

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