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Dick Plotz

Thanks, Sam. This is helpful.

Is there a setting that makes that box checked as the default option? Then we wouldn't have to rely on the attention and cooperation of hundreds of participants to give context. Of course, sometimes we'd get too much context, which is one of the reasons moderators need to be able to edit out any excess. But since we almost always need that context in replies, and there's too much context only some of the time, it makes sense to have the box checked by default.

I'm still far from convinced that it would be a good idea to allow access to the web interface at all. Online forums, which this would be, are usually unmoderated and most of the time (at least when the participants aren't a small group who already know each other) degenerate into flame wars. Online forums constitute a communications channel with distinct parameters* that are different from the parameters of e-mail lists, and it's probably not a good idea to try to shoehorn one communications channel into both forms. We had that option from the start of Lyris, and rejected it with good reason. The result is likely to be something that performs suboptimally in both. Is there a setting that sends replies to posts within a digest by e-mail rather than in the online forum?


* That's "parameters", not "perimeters".

On Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 9:01 PM Sam Eneman <sam.eneman@...> wrote:

I'm getting the daily digest and responding to messages via the Web interface (must be logged into to Reply it seems). You can quote the message being replied to by clicking the "Comments" icon in the upper left corner of the message composer:

All the questions we've raised seem to point to the need for a lot of Help files re: the new interface and usability, or at least a set of tips for new users. 

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