Re: Trial

Martha Forsyth

Admittedly I've not been being a Good Citizen and keeping up with this.  But you don't want to know how long it took me to
  • go to the link
  • scroll down and not find this message
  • notice that there's a second PAGE of messages
  • Read the message and try to sign in, in order to reply
  • I'm not sure if I had to create a new ID in order to sign in, but I certainly had to create a new password (and I thought I was signing in from a different address than it ended up saving)
  • get to the point where I can write this message - still wondering if I should reply to the LATEST message in the list of messages, to the one I'd come in to read, or to the basic topic!
Presumably this will get much simpler if/when we really do adopt this system, sure would discourage ME to have to go through processes like this!

Martha Forsyth (hating to have to learn new systems in order to continue doing things I've been doing for a long time!!)

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