Re: Visit JewishGen’s New Website!

Ariel Parkansky

Hi Avrami,

I like a lot the new design of the home page, congratulations !
Here are some thoughts about it:
- On the previous version I was able to enter directly from the home page to the JGFF, Viewmate, Kehilalinks, databases... through the submenus under databases and research just on top of the page. Now I have to scroll down, search for the right icon and sometimes navigate through 2 pages to reach the same destinations. It would be nice to keep the quick links on top for experienced users.
- When I navigate to another page, it's a big contrast between the looks of the new home page and the other pages that keep the same old look. Are you planning to migrate all other pages to the same template ?

Concerning the new discussion group beta, I like also its looks but I see some drawbacks to the previous version: 
- I cannot answer or post directly from my mail. I have to navigate to the new platform in order to do it.That means more work for the same result and that could generate less posts from the users.
- In addition, I need to create a new identifier in order to post (so now I need two different ones to deal with JG).
-  As I post directly on the site. How will moderators control it? Will it be published until the moderator reviews it? Before, the moderators would ensure what reached the users.
- If posts are available until review, the possibility to add links on the posts could have some security risks.


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