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Rachel Kolokoff Hopper <r-hopper@...>

Hi Ariel,

Thanks for that feedback.

After reading some more about the digest options this is what I have learned.

1) In order to reply to a message that is in either of the digest options you will have to use the website. You will not be able to use your email client (as you have already figured out!)

2) In the Daily Summary (which sends a once-daily list of topics posted that day) and unlike the full featured digests, the summary does not include the text of any of the messages, only the list of topics. So in this case you have to go to the website to read the messages and post a reply.

3) Full Featured Digest will group the days messages into batches of 12 and send each batch when the twelfth is posted. Any that remain at the end of the day will be sent as the final (or only) digest of the day. The digests include the full text of each message, omitting any quotes of prior messages. Full Featured Digests include, at the top, a list of the enclosed topics, clickable as links to take you to that topic on the website. Again, you would have to reply using the website.

4) However, if you wish to create a new message or a reply to a message that is NOT sent as part of the digest, you should be able to use your email client and address your message to:
Rachel Hopper
Ft. Collins, CO

On Aug 15, 2019, at 6:23 AM, ariel_parkansky via Groups.Io <ariel_parkansky@...> wrote:

Hi Rachel,
In the daily summary I don't have a link to reply to a post. In fact, I don't even have the text of the posts, just the titles with a link to the server.
I've just changed the options to full digest (but it's limited to 12 messages). I'll check tomorrow if I have the option to reply.
In any case, a lot of people currently uses the daily summary at JG that features all the messages of the day in just one mail. I think that the daily summary option will be widely chosen and people will get confused by not having the messages directly on their mail and no option to reply. 

On the other side, I've tried to create a new post directly from my mail and also tried to reply a previous one but changing the subject to a specific topic and removing the full contents of the previous post.
In both cases I've got a Failure Message : 
500: You have replied to a digest message, which is not permitted. Please click on the 'Reply to this message' link under the message you'd like to reply to, and you will be taken to a page to enter your reply.
So there's no possibility to create new posts or reply to messages by replying directly to a mail.


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