Completion of the Utyan (Utena) Yizkor Book

Jack Berger

I am pleased to advise that I have completed the translation of The Utyan (Utena) Yizkor Book from (mostly) Yiddish and (some) Hebrew into English. The book has been published and distributed globally, and can be found in approximately 50 libraries and institutions that collect Judaica of this kind. These institutions are in the United States. Canada, The United Kingdom and Israel.


Utyan is a shtetl in Lithuania. This is the first time I have found (at the end of the book), an accounting of the arrest and trial of Lithuanian accomplices to the Nazis. This took place in a Lithuanian court of law. The record shows that they were all tried and found guilty, sentenced to death, and summarily executed.


A limited number of copies are still available. If you are interested please contact me at: jsberger@....


Jack Berger


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